woensdag 24 mei 2017

I'm glad I can show a little fairy baby.
This little girl is made entirely of polymer clay (prosculpt & fimo)
  She is made by me without using molds.
Her cab with flowers is not removable.
 She has a small pink skirt, and light blue butterfly wings (both removable)
She is baked as prescribed by the manufacturer .  Reinforced where necessary with iron wire.
My figurines are not perfect, they may have a little mistake here or there , just like us , human beings

The cradle I bought in a miniature webshop
It was painted by me with acrylic paint and decorated with handmade flowers from fimo
Inside the cradle is moss, made of clay (fairy's like to lie on a bed of moss)
And there is a very small knitted blanket for fresher days.
The scene fits into a 1/12 scale house

This baby has been adopted in the meantime, thank you